Summary of recommendations 2014


Yamoussoukro, 24-25-26 October 2014

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  • An in-depth, uncompromising analysis of the current situation of African youth resulted in four key factors, leading to a very bleak prognosis for the future, unless a genuine turnaround of current policies occurs, refocusing them on 2 new “tropisms”:
  • The first tropism repositions youth at the heart of politics, through five key actions.
  • The second tropism puts employment at the forefront of economic policy using 8 action levers simultaneously.
  • This sequence of actions will lead to a true shift in paradigm at the economic policy level, based on the urgent necessity for stronger relevant economic integration, which overcomes current linguistic and currency-related prejudice.
  • The engagement of young people, those who are the most concerned, in carrying out these recommendations will be a deciding factor in the success of this ambitious yet necessary change.