Charter for members and sponsors

The origin and purpose of the Association

The Africa Initiative group came as a result of the Europe/Africa conferences of the Aspen Institute France and it shares the basic values of the Aspen Institute.

It aims to bring together leaders from different sectors of the African society from the economic, political and academic world, civil society and the media, motivated by the desire to think out-of the-box and initiate transgressions and breaks from old habits, which are needed to move things forward to ensure a better future for Africa.

This approach is based on building a non-partisan thought process inspired by a humanist vision and a serious engagement in following up and transforming recommendations into concrete actions.

The Africa Initiative Group is a favored think tank for international coordination and decision making platforms (African Union, G20, G8, etc.) expressing a broad and credible African perspective.

The Association’s mode of operation

Through informal international meetings based on a specific method of debating which protects and enriches the exchange of views, the Group promotes the development of an environment conducive for the analysis of complex issues and the formulation of solutions and recommendations to address the challenges in sub-Saharan Africa.

To achieve these goals, the association organizes various activities including conferences and international seminars, breakfasts and dinner debates featuring reputed guests, a close watch on some key indicators and alert systems. It also trains youth in leadership.

The purpose of the Group is not to intervene on the spot in a crisis or to create a discussion blog, but rather to analyze and more importantly to anticipate issues that could be or become sensitive and crucial.

The structures of the Association (details found in the bylaws)

The General Assembly: is the Group’s supreme decision making body, consisting of all its members. It elects the members of the Board of Directors for a five year term.

- The Board: composed of twenty members, implements the policies decided by the General Assembly, and elects the five Executive Board members for a three year term.

- The Executive Board: it consists of the President, two vice-presidents, a treasurer and a secretary general.

- The Orientation Council: is composed of eminent personalities and major sponsors. It advises and assists the Group in its strategic deliberations.

Membership Status

The African Initiative Group welcomes all persons no matter their origin, status or profession, nationality or country of origin - internal or external to the continent – engaged in promoting the Association’s values and objectives as defined in its statutes.

The Group aims to reach out to all Sub-Saharan countries, francophone, English and Portuguese speaking, as well as the Diaspora.

Members are co-opted on a personal basis, upon recommendation by a Group member, based on the assessment of his or her ability to participate meaningfully in the on-going thought process concerning the future of Africa.

Is considered a full-fledged member, the person whose application has been approved by the Board of Directors and who has fully paid the membership fees.

Members fully participate in the day-to-day life of the organization. They are convened to the meetings of the General Assembly; regularly kept informed, they participate according to their availability participation according to their availability, by providing ideas and when possible participating in the various events initiated by the Association. They contribute to the dissemination of the recommendations and give feedback on the results of their outreach.

Membership Status

Sponsors adhere to the values defined in the Statutes of the Association and at the first two conferences in 2011 and 2012