Déclaration of M. Charles K. BANNY

Excerpts from the address of the President of Africa Initiative Group during the constitutional assembly on June 2nd 2012 :

«The reason we insisted so much on creating this Group is that  Africa suffers from a serious lack of systemized thinking in; we  do not reflect enough.

It’s not because we are less gifted than others. The problem is that we don’t make the necessary time to allow ourselves to  come together, to reflect, to build synergies: How can we seek out the real issues, that are ours, that concern us? How can we
reach the optimum?
We needn’t be shy, we must be open. Furthermore, Africans also have a part to play and something to contribute to global governance.

The more one is feeble economically, the more one needs to be present and strong intellectually.
We have the intellectual capacity to be part of this world and to initiate the transgressions and fractures that are needed.

Our initiative is a great initiative.

It is a challenge and an opportunity that is offered to Africans, that allows them to truly participate, without reserve, and on an equal basis, to the “universal banquet” as Senghor called it. This is what inspires me to support this initiative».

Former Prime Minister of Côte d'Ivoire.